God is faithful

Source: God is faithful


words of wisdom.

Love​ that comes from the heart is true love. Sometimes people tend to think beauty and money is love. That is not love but materialistic love which will not last and the minute the money finished the person will have gone like yesterday

Life has its ups and downs we have to be strong in all in whatever circumstances . It might be a painful moment daeth of a loved be one , lost of a job and many more. Happy moments like be giving birth to a bouncing baby boy or girl,attending a wedding, graduation and many more . It is life and God cannot give you what you cannot handle trust him and dont lose hope.
Friends are friends forever . A true friend Is the one that cortrcts you when you are wrong and complements you when you have done something good with no hard feelings.


Happiness  are those who are blameless  even  if they accused like Jesus.

Happiness  are those who died innocently  .

Happiness  are those who stand firm in truth and  in their decision  by  defending their religion even if they had to die like  Stephen the matyr  did. 

Happiness are those who follow  God’s   word  they  shall inherit his kingdom

Happiness   is the love of mankind extended​  to  your enemies

Happiness is God’s kingdom.

Happiness is passing   through  many obstacles  because  of God’s love.

LOVE as it is!

True love waits

It’s romantic leave alone emphatic.

It’s being  creative.

Yaani Hivyo watoi hucreatiwa.

Love ni Kuwait Na kuchil  and it is on waiting  that it last long.

Love is being faithful to  your loved one.

Love is two people clinging on each other.

In  happy​  times  and sad tines . 

It’s   sweet to be loved coz bit comes  from the heart.

Love is  mutual and   is being active  in love life at all times.

It is  surprising to love someone and  the love is not  receprocated.

Love is  not  found on rebound

It is not found in making  someone feel jealous..


It is an everlasting gift from God.

It is given  free of charge.

It  comes out naturally  not forcefully.

It’s  beautiful and wonderful  too

It  comes from the heart.

It’s tremendous and sophiscated also.

Love is being pleasurable not measurable

Love does not count because it is countless and numberless too

It needs devotion and commitment.

It is true love that waits.

It is good to love as to be loved 

And love  God as he has love us  and will always love us.


Love is something that is mutual and sacred  something that comes from the heart it can be  brotherly Love or interior love between two married couples or the  ones that intend to get married.

True love is the one that waits. A person who truly love someone freely may have to wait for the other person or vice versa for as long as both can wait meaning  one can give up his or her life for himor her if she or he  truly love that person  by being faithful and abstaining.

Love at first sight is whereby you feel something different and strongly  for  a person  for the first time   you see each other  and each party  can not  get each other on their mind  at all times. The chances  of a successful  marriages​ is fifty fifty  coz you  know what is going  to happen.

MLove on rebound is where by some body  tries  to get somebody out of his or her mind or life  especially when one of them is dead  or in broken relationship  where one of them was found being unfaithful  to another  even though he or she  accomplish     his or her  family responsibility.

Love  for money  is not love  in a case  where by  both  parties  pretend to love each other  when one of them is after the Money  and when  you are bankrupt  they run away that love does not last. In a situation where by you have money  people tries to be your friend in  order to finish you so that  he or she can take over.

Fatherly love it is the love that is given to you  by your father . Some ladies tend to go with older  men who are ate widower or married up to the extent be of becoming second  wife because they  believe  older men are serious  and honest compared to young men. This are  people who lack fatherly love since their dad died when they are young, others  were raised by single mothers , others their parents separated while others  want a be husband like their dad all this is insearch of fatherly  love  in a husband.


what  is  life and what  comes into  your mind when the word life is mentioned.

It leaves some people  with mixed  reactions​  some can’t explain the reaction  because he/ she can’t explain it.

Some  say it is boring, others  exciting,  devastating, miraculous, partying and so on. 

Some say it is boring  because  he /she  has  never gotten  an  orppotunity  that is appeasing.

To some exciting  because they don’t see  life   as anything  but  adventures.

Some see life as wild   because  what  they  do is partying  all their lives .  

Some say it is  devastating because what  life has given them  is bereavement after bereavement so they say life  has been unfair to them because  of the loss of their loved ones

Some say it is miraculous because  what life has brought them is miracles . The things they  never expected or planned for  happens in  a positive  way  untill you think  you are dreaming.

Dreams​  are a reality  if you trust and believe in God.  To  me  life is a  gift from God   it is precious  so let us  value it  and give reverence  and faith to the one that gives be it free of charge.  We  are visitors in this world and each one  of us has his or her own stage that’s when  we live life in the world and go to the other  world  to be with him God that is life to me.